IT-Landscape Intelligence

  •  Collaborative
    • Collaboratively document current & planned IT-landscapes
    • Adapt the metamodel to your information demand at runtime
  •  Self-service
    • Interactively create visualizations & reports
    • Choose your preferred editor (Web, Text, Excel)
  •  Real-time
    • Integrate external data sources (CMDBs, SQL, REST, ...)
    • Integrate runtime information (Nagios, JMX)

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What is Txture?

Txture is a highly scalable tool suite that helps you manage, analyze and visualize your IT-landscapes. It covers both ends of the spectrum, from Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) to IT-Infrastructure Management and aims to effectively connect both worlds.

Txture comes with a multi-user web application and integrated textual as well as spreadsheet desktop tools. A flexible data import mechanism allows you to automatically integrate data from external repositories, such as a CMDB.

Txture scales well with 100.000+ documentation items.

Use Cases

Application Portfolio Management with Txture

 Application Portfolio Management

Application portfolios help to identify redundant applications, applications with partially overlapping functionality and outdated applications which should be potentially phased out. APM also helps to overview application costs.

Txture enables you to manage your portfolio by providing flexible and navigable visualizations which are able to relate different types of applications to business functions and the underlying technologies.

 Dependency Analysis & Impact Management

Txture's visualizations help you to analyze the dependencies contained within the entire architectural stack. The image to the right illustrates how Txture can be used to automatically order elements to their architectural layers to allow an intuitive inspection. Each visualization can be adapted on-the-fly by adding "neighboring" elements or unfolding complete dependency paths to specific types of documentation elements. For example, you can choose an application and transitively unfold all relations to physical servers. This way the impact of changes or the risks regarding system and operation failures can be visually analyzed.

Analysis routines can also be defined and shown on your personal dashboard. This way Txture can help you to keep an overview on critical parts of your IT landscape.

Dependency analyzes and Risk Management with Txture
Planning with Txture

 Architecture Change Planning

With Txture’s planning mode you can both document current architectures and sketch future IT landscapes. In this view you can keep track of prospective changes, compare them with the current landscape or simulate what-if scenarios.

You can maintain multiple IT landscape change plans at the same time. These plans can cover different areas of your documentation.

All features that are available for the actual architecture documentation are also available for change plans. This includes visualizations, analysis activities and the generation of reports .

 Quality of Service Management

Quality of service contracts like SLAs or OLAs are commonly applied in today's organizations. However, it is often difficult to trace the contracts from the services and applications down the stack to the level of operation.

The figure to the right sketches the visualization of an architecture stack where each element is annotated with a color that represents its OLA. In this way you can identify cases in which an OLA cannot be met along a chain of dependencies. Furthermore, runtime information from the current architecture can be embedded in visualizations and contribute to quality of service management.

Additionally, applicable documentation attributes and colors or symbols indicating certain contracts or runtime information can be easily configured.

Quality of service management with txture.
Technology Management with Txture

 Technology Management

With its intuitive visualizations, Txture makes it possible to easily analyze technology usage in your organization. You can navigate to a certain technology to find out which applications are using it or conversely, to find out technology dependencies of applications.

Txture's technology management also allows for the grouping of documented entities by their underlying technologies to easily comprehend what your enterprise depends on. This form of technology management can be a good starting point for planning consolidations of your IT landscape.


 Stakeholder-specific Documentation Editors

Txture comes with three basic types of documentation editors.

Txture's web application integrates easy-to-use form based editing functionality that lets you adapt any documentation item on-the-fly. It caters to all users and give you flexible visualizations.

Txture also provides a textual description language for creating and editing documentation items. To improve textual editing, productivity enhancing features such as automatic text completion or highlighting of errors are available. Textual editing is intended to integrate well into existing working environments of users with a more technical or programming background.

Finally, Txture can be easily integrated with a MS Excel plugin that lets you synchronize your documentation with the spreadsheet editor.

Stakeholder specific editors
Adaptable Enterprise-specific Meta-model

 Adaptable Enterprise-specific Meta-model

Today's organizations have complex and constantly changing IT-architectures. The IT-infrastructure and the information demand of the stakeholders differ from organization to organization. Therefore, Txture provides an easy mechanism to customize its underlying meta-model and adapt it to changing documentation requirements. However, if desired, you can still model according to EA standards like Archimate or TOGAF.

 Dynamic Architecture Visualizations & Reports

Txture allows you to analyze your documented architecture with the help of visualizations and reports. Txture's visualizations allow you to navigate and filter documentation items so you can answer your specific architecture questions.

Once you have created a new visualization, you can store it for your personal use, share it with colleagues or modify it at any time. Your visualizations are automatically adapted in the case that the data model or the actual architecture documentation change.

The visualizations can do even more! Extend your visualizations by using typical drawing tools such as separators, boxes for grouping items, custom labels, colored areas etc. This way you don't need to switch to a drawing tool to express your ideas for a presentation.

You can also export reports and images from any visualization.

Flexible and dynamic enterprise architecture visualizations
Scalability of enterprise architecture tool

 Scalability & Performance

The performance of many modeling tools becomes sluggish once a realistic number of assets is modeled. Txture was built with extreme scalability in mind by using modern graph database technologies. The user interface and all queries perform extremely fast even with hundreds of thousands of assets. Likewise, visualizations often become cluttered and confusing with too many model elements. Txture's visualization interface allows you to reduce such complexity and abstract away from too much detail.

 Automation & Integration of Documentation

The workload of manual documentation is one of the biggest challenges in the documentation of IT-landscapes. This is why we have spent considerable time in the past years on researching how documentation can be better automated. Txture can integrate with various external data sources, such as your existing CMDB. Mappings can be easily configured via drag-and-drop in the web-application and you can choose from a large amount of communication protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH,..) as well as import data formats (SQL, EXCEL/CSV, XML, JSON, ... ).

Enterprise Architecture Documentation Automation


On-site Deployment

Txture comes with all described features and even more! On-site deployment involves the following:

  • Txture deployed at your site
  • Single sign on (SSO) or LDAP
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Free service releases
  • Support
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As a Service Deployment

Txture comes with all described features and even more! As a service deployment involves the following:

  • Txture hosted by us (within Europe)
  • Secured connections (SSL)
  • Daily backups
  • Free service releases
  • Support
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We offer consulting services and custom developments in order to fit your needs! Customizations may include the following:

  • Assisted Meta-modeling service
  • Custom Data Automation
  • Tailored Documentation Editors
  • Custom Runtime Data source integration
  • Custom Visualizations types
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QE LaB Business Services GmbH is a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck. We base ourselves on the research work of the Quality Engineering research group and the Quality Engineering Laura Bassi Lab (QE LaB). The latter is an application-oriented research center funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science Research and Economy and industry partners.

Txture was developed as the result of a consulting project with the ARZ (Allgemeines Rechnenzentrum), an Austrian banking data center, in order to manage and document their IT-landscape.


The initial version of the tool was created as part of a successful effort for the Austrian banking data ARZ to create a textual documentation tool for their complex IT-landscape. Currently, the tool is further developed as a research project in collaboration with a large semi-conductor manufacturer to help visualize and manage their globally distributed IT-landscape.


Want to know more about Txture and how it can help you document and analyze your IT-architecture?
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